Christmas Elegance Made Easy

Christmas is about the elegance and style that makes your home come to life. Christmas is for family time and children's laughter around the tree so let us make your life that little bit easier over the silly season and take care of your personalised look. With our huge range of Artificial Christmas Trees available with our amazing Pre-Lit lights, incredible wreaths and garlands, decorations, Santa's and more. So loose yourself with our products and create the best Christmas display you have ever had.

A little bit about us...

Amazing Christmas is all about the elegance, the joy and the most perfect decorations that make your Christmas so magical! It brings the laughter and those special memories that come around once a year when the whole family comes together and celebrates this special day.

We want to bring to you easy ways to decorate using our handy tips and tricks that will give your home that extra special touch year after year.

Join us in bringing magic, the laughter and the joy to your Christmas each and every year.

Premium and Pre-Lit Trees

Our Range of Pre-Lit Trees are like nothing else. Imagine being able to set up your Christmas tree with ease and not have to worry about stringing lights on your tree and then taking them off at the end of the season, well now you can! Check out our huge range of Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Pre-Decorated Tree Packages

Our incredible Pre-Decorated Tree Packages are tailored to you with the most perfect look for your home. Imagine a world where you can get exactly what you wanted with one purchase. The exact amount of flowers, the perfect tree and the perfect decorations for your home! Well now you can with our exciting new range of Packages. Our packages and bundles are designed to create the elegance by making it so very easy. The guess work is done and one extra stress is taken away over the busy season.

All the Trimmings

Shop our complete tree packages

  • The full package includes decorations, a tree and storage options to really set the perfect mood and make your life extremely easy this Christmas. Our complete bundles not only includes all the bells and whistles but they also include a step by step video on how to replicate our magnificent trees.

Shop our Decoration bundles

  • Our Decoration bundles gives you the perfect amount of decorations for your existing tree. Giving you the option to change decorations each year with ease. By shopping our bundles it gives you the ease of knowing you have the perfect amount of decorations for not only the size of your tree but also decorating the whole tree or only half of your tree.

Tailor your package

  • Complete your perfect package by simply adding one of our pre-made packages to your cart then editing your cart to remove or add other decorations that better suit your home. By tailoring our packages it really makes your Christmas unique and perfect for you and your family.

Browse our Packages

Our greatest achievement this year at Amazing Christmas is bringing you our packages and bundles. We have created different colours and using different decorations that really resonate with all of the different elements when it comes to Christmas. From what tree works with each style, to how many storage boxes you may need for an easy pack up post Christmas, to what wrapping paper works with your style. So be emersed in our newest venture and bring the magic to Christmas with our packages and bundles.