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Frosted Christmas Trees

Are you feeling a little extra frosty this Christmas? Check out these densely flocked Frosted Christmas Trees from Amazing Christmas. This variety of highly realistic artificial Christmas trees are made only with top-quality craftsmanship and materials. With our range of sizes from 4ft to 13ft tall and width from 1m to 4m wide, you got all the options you need to match your space.

These trees are made with hinges, a sturdy metal stand, and pre-lit with a generous amount of LED lights. They have bountiful flocked foliage with over a thousand tips (depending on the size of the tree you choose) for that full and luxurious look. These tips are beautifully shaped and strategically placed to achieve that realistic tip spacing and natural growth habit of the trees. These premium quality trees are easy to install. They come with a hassle-free storage box for unpacking and a 10-year warranty. Many of our trees come with a storage bag, but if not, you can purchase one here.

7 Products Found
7 Products Found