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Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Brighten up your next Christmas with Pre-Lit Christmas trees from Amazing Christmas. We offer high-quality Pre-Lit Trees with sizes ranging from 30cm to 4 meters tall that will suit any home. You can choose from a wide variety of styles — from traditional green to the Snowy Flock Deluxe to the black or white Bavarian. Discover a new Pre-Lit Christmas tree that you and the whole family will love this Christmas.

We make all our trees from the highest quality materials for a superior, authentic, and natural look. Each tree comes with commercial-grade LED lighting energy efficiency and long-lasting lighting. We included metal stands for added strength and stability, along with metal-hinged branches allowing for quick and easy assembly, all for an affordable price.

46 Products Found
46 Products Found

How to choose the best Pre-Lit Christmas tree for your home


What size is best for my home?

The best tree for you will depend on the size of your home and ceilings. Make sure to measure the space you intend to put your tree and don’t forget to check your ceiling height. A good rule to go by is the height of your ceiling, go one less for your tree. For example, my ceilings are 8ft so I have chosen a 7ft tree. This gives me enough room to add that extra special tree topper.

Why should I spend the extra money on a Pre-Lit tree?

You won’t regret it! Think of never having to string lights around your tree or take them down ever again! Simply connect the leads and your tree will look amazing first go. Having your tree already pre-lit takes the hassle out of setting up your tree and never having to worry about something going wrong.

Types of branches

Branches on artificial Christmas trees are either hinged or hooked, with hinged branches more commonly found on higher-quality trees. Hinged branches are less fiddly and easier to set up and pack down. At Amazing Christmas we only offer hinged trees. 


Artificial trees are made from either PVC or PE (polyethylene). PVC trees tend to have their needles wired to the branch which can look fake, whereas PE needles are fabricated together with the branch making them the better choice if realism is what you are after.

The Tip Count

The Tip Count is the number of branch tips on the tree and is a general indicator of the quality of the tree. The higher the count, the better quality and fuller-looking your tree will be.

The Stand

The last thing you need on Christmas is for your tree to fall over. A tree with a heavy-duty metal Christmas Tree Stand is safer, will last longer, and increase the overall lifespan of your tree.


The Best Time to Buy a Pre-Lit Tree

The post-Christmas sales and the end of the July/end of financial year sales are a wonderful time to save money on buying a Pre-Lit Christmas tree. But keep your eyes peeled all year round as we offer exclusive sales.


Do Pre-Lit Christmas trees last?

Yes, our trees last! Year in and year out our trees keep your home looking extra festive! A tip if you want your trees to last a little longer is invest in a tree with PE tips as they stay fresh and in shape. Our Ultra-Premium trees also come with a 10-year warranty. Your tree will keep your house glowing brightly for many Christmases to come.


What is the best way to store a Pre-Lit Christmas tree?

Firstly, remove all decorations before disassembling your tree. Take apart each section (usually 3 sections on a 7 & 8ft tree but could be 2 – 5 sections) and compress down so the tree is nicely compacted to how it was when you first opened the box. Some of our trees come with a storage bag, otherwise we highly recommend that you purchase a Christmas Tree Bag. This will protect it from dust and rodents. If you want a second layer place the bag into the box and seal up. Store in a cool dry place, don’t stack anything optop of your tree.


How long do the lights on an average Pre-Lit Christmas tree last?

At Amazing Christmas, our trees use commercial-grade, energy-efficient LED lights, so your tree will brighten your home for many years to come!


How do you fix Pre-Lit Christmas tree lights?

If your whole Tree Doesn't Light Up

First, check that your tree is properly plugged in, and the foot control is positioned in the ‘on’ position. There is at least one connection per section of tree that needs to be all joined together.

If a section of your tree doesn't light up

If a section of your tree doesn’t light up this generally will mean that a connection is loose. Stand back, have a look at what section is un-lit and then search for any loose connections.

If they are all plugged into the loom but there is one lead missing, there may have been a mistake with your leads on our end. Jump onto our chat and give us a bell and we will diagnose the problem or send you out a new loom.

As our trees are all LED’s you don’t need to worry about globes/bulbs blowing. If one LED stops working this won’t affect your tree.


Love your tree for years to come!

You will love your tree for years to come when you invest in such a high quality product. Every year your family will admire and stare at your tree in awe of its natural beauty and effortless twinkle that the lights provide.