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Christmas Lights

Bring life to your Christmas decorations with these enchanting Christmas lights from Amazing Christmas. From the classic white to multicoloured, static to flashing, chasing, or fading, and or just a variety of choices in one customisable light string, we've got them all for you.

These premium commercial-grade Christmas lights are perfect for your indoor and outdoor Christmas trees. Take your pick from our collection of fairy lights, icicle lights, curtain net lights, festoon lights, and solar lights, among many others, to match your festive display. The light bulbs are expected to have a 50,000-hour life. These lights and their versatile design can illuminate almost every occasion all year long.

218 Products Found
218 Products Found

A Christmas tree may be the centrepiece of your home during Christmas time, but Christmas lights are what really brings everything together to create the perfect atmosphere for memory-making and fun. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, office, or shop front, at Amazing Christmas we have a variety of Christmas lights to keep your space looking dazzling both inside and out.

Fairy lights always evoke a sense of festivity, and fun, and we think it’s not quite Christmas until you have them strung up somewhere in your home! At Amazing Christmas we have fairy lights in a range of colours from green, blue, and white to red, pink, and yellow. Then there’s rainbow for those who want to bring a splash of colour into the room. String the fairy lights around your Christmas tree or hang them outside to create a beautiful atmosphere all year round.

Our rope lights are a great way to get creative, offering flexibility that lets you bend them into various shapes and designs. Customise your designs or just let the kids run wild with their imaginations! Icicle lights are also a beautiful way to light up doorways or the front of your home, and we have a range of colours to match your decor or Christmas decorations. For those who like to go all out and impress the neighbours with a dazzling Christmas light display in the garden, we also have motifs in festive themes like reindeer and sleighs.

All our Christmas lights are multifunction, with 8 different effects to choose from including flashing, chasing, and fading, as well as static. They also come with a memory function that lets you resume the same setting as before, even when the power has been turned off. All our lights are LED, for maximum safety and battery power, and they’ll keep shining just as strong at the end of the year as they were when you first put them up.

Buying Christmas lights online has never been so easy. At Amazing Christmas we know what makes the festive season special and we’ve sourced the best decorations and equipment to make your Christmas easy, beautiful, and - most of all - memorable.