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Dancing Santa

Dare to go extra this Christmas? Check out this crowd favourite lifesize dancing Santa from Amazing Christmas. It is fun, perky, and looks adorable in the traditional red and white Santa outfit. Its intricate detailing includes elaborate costume design and top-of-the-line built-in technology. Our dancing Santa is motion activated with several mp3 songs of famous Christmas carols and Bluetooth options available for some models.

Our dancing Santa is up for grabs in different sizes and designs. From grooving, swaying, and Santa playing the violin, we got all the options you need to complete your Christmas decoration. It looks wonderful standing on your porch greeting people, besides your Christmas tree, or at your balcony overlooking everyone. Wherever you want to place this dancing Santa in your home or office, it is sure to get everyone into the festive Christmas spirit.

2 Products Found
2 Products Found