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Nativity Scene

The true spirit of Christmas lies in the heart of the nativity set, shining with glory and sheer beauty what could you not love about this detailed sets. The nativity set has evolved over the years with different designs and ways to celebrate the meaning of Christmas but never loosing sight of what they bring to Christmas. The three wise men watch over baby Jesus in a manger with Mary & Joseph watching over him and the animals in awe. 

Your Children over the years will symbolise this piece as a part of home and marvel in its true subtle beauty, they will become a family heirloom and be aprat of your Christmas for years to come. The perfect part of these sets is that with the separate pieces comes the versatility that you have. You can place the three wise men in one location and Baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph in another. 

Our sets are truely one of a kind, not to modern but not to old, just the right amount of colour and beauty. The have many separate pieces coming in many different sizes and shapes you will not be disapointed by how good these will look in your home. 

8 Products Found
8 Products Found