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Christmas Elves

The Christmas elf has been making its way into the Christmas tradition for a little while now, showing its cheeky face in and out of the home for the Children, and sometimes adults, laughter. The elves are dressed in quirky clothes, little jackets and fun tights with their innocent faces making them an absolute must for your Christmas season. We know that Santa is of course the King of Chritsmas, where we leave cookies and milk for him to drink. But his side kicks, being the elves, have an extra special role over the Christmas season. 

With elves usually making an apearance on December first sent on a special mission all the way from the North Pole from Santa himself to watch over the Children's behavior leading up to Christmas day. The elf surveliance really is a key role in the Christmas tradition these days, letting kids know that Santa is always watching with the little face watching over the house each and every day of December. 

Using elves over Christmas is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids. With Parents, caregivers or other family members moving the elf around each night when the kids are sleeping it makes it a fun game in the morning to find them and see what they have gotten up to over the night. So Start your own modern day family tradition and watch all the mischeif that this cheeky elves get up to! Keep adding to your collection over the years and watch the kids faces when they see them each morning in his new spot. 

6 Products Found
6 Products Found