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Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Let the magic happen this Christmas season with these enchanting Fibre Optic Christmas Trees from Amazing Christmas. These highly realistic artificial trees are pre-decorated with a range of LED light color options to match the festive radiance of your home. From our GOLD LEAF LED Fibre Optic tree with its glorious Gold foliage that emits a warm white glow to our CARNIVALE COLOUR LED Fibre Optic evergreen tree — a perfect eye-catching addition to any room with its ever-changing colours.

Spend less time setting up and more time celebrating with its easy-to-install functionality and straightforward power option. The LED lights and fibres are meticulously designed for an automatic continuous cycle of flashing & fading lights. These trees are made with wrapped hinge-type branch attachment, solid metal stands, or decorative black plastic pots (depending on your desired style), adding anti-crash capacity to the tree and high-quality materials for its foliage for a fuller, more realistic look.

3 Products Found
3 Products Found