60cm Santa Claus Climbing And Sitting


This Santa is great for that finishing Christmas decorations. This Santa is flexible — he can hang from the rope, sit in a sleigh, or fit into any other display you have.


It comes in traditional red and white colours. It is attached to a removable rope as though Santa is climbing. It is an indoor-outdoor decoration, and a bit of rain won't hurt it. Santa comes in 3 sizes 60cm, 90cm, 120cm.



Height: 60 cm

Colour: Traditional Santa Colours

Indoor / Outdoor

This little guy is beautiful. I have a small solar powered sleigh in the front garden and was going to sit him in it. However, when he arrived I thought he was just too good to be outside so I hung him inside a window near the sleigh surrounded by different coloured LED candles. Can't recommend him highly enough and the service from this Company is excellent. Will be back next year for more!

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