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Christmas Decorating Tips

Do you look around at shops and gift stores over the Christmas Season and think where did the colour go? Is more less in the current trend? Should I be toning back on what I put on the tree? Should I leave the kids homemade decorations in the cupboard this year?

I mean we are in the digital age where our social media presence is key right?

Clean, natural homes are all the rage and I am guilty of portraying the overly white natural house myself, I don’t have too much colour and I am striving for simplicity. When it came to Christmas 2020 I found my style had transformed dramatically.

I used to be the one to over decorate my tree, to absolutely fill it with beauty and magic, but this year I strategically placed each bauble so minimally that I found myself in awe of my new look. It lifted my home, gave it the simplicity that felt like it belonged and although I feel like I could go even further I thought I would share my inspiration with you.

Maison De Cinq -

Maison highlights her provincial style throughout her home effortlessly adding greenery & simple white ornaments. She accents her small tree by a woven basket which is a great way of not only adding a feature but hiding the stand on your tree.

I am a true believer that if you invest in a high-quality tree (yes, I do prefer artificial trees as they can be used time and time again) the foliage speaks for itself and becomes the true centerpiece of your Christmas.

I than collect ornaments from my travels, decorative white baubles from Christmas shops and that’s my Christmas tree.

Now this is an interesting feature in the home, I am used to having one, maybe two wreaths, but using multiple with different foliage could be a great feature in your home.

I feel that even 6 wreaths could be used instead of a tree, if you are short for space or like the look add garland draped over the mantle, some candles at different heights and you will be the envy of all your friends.

Maison has also highlighted the three white stockings so well without them feeling overdone.

While we are on the topic of wreaths here is a twist for your front door. I like to call them drops, an effortless piece that really gives that provincial feel to your front door.

You could create these yourself from real foliage or if you’re like me and things need to match jump online and see what you can find.

Drops also work well inside your home, off internal doors, even placing two on your table as the centerpiece is a great touch, introducing your minimal white ornaments would lift it and create an extra touch of magic this Christmas.

Ohhhh garlands!! I feel like they are the forgotten charm of Christmas. Do they not only dress up your verandah, banister and mantles but they draw your eye into the spirit of Christmas.

This minimal garland is so simple but yet so attractive and keeping in the provincial look that your home craves. The effortless chic and style is the perfect look this Christmas.

Dress your garland with big white bows with long tails.

I dare say that it needs, but if you want a little more, carry your specialty ornaments through the garland to create a pop of white and sentimentality.

Old doors, refurbished hall tables & a tiny foot stool. Is there anything more provincial than this look?

Maison is spot on with the styling in this photo creating the look for the provincial minimalist without going over the top.

I dare say if this is your style you already have these items in your home, why not move them together in an empty space and create your Christmas corner.

Maison has added a small pot tree, I would say only 3ft, placing a few baubles off the tips. It almost looks like she didn’t try with this tree which is the real look she is going for!

Add an exceptional wreath, the most realistic you can and remember to keep with the natural styles so undecorated says it all! How simple this look is and so achievable in your home.

This old house has style! How elegant in its own way, I think I could move straight in and not change a thing! What a way to use a wreath! I think I will make use of this wonderful idea this Christmas.

Choose the most realistic wreath you can find and attach lovely soft, floaty white ribbon to hang from the ceiling. Finish off by tying big bows that will give the wreath style above the rest. This idea will match in beautifully with a big garland and a few drops to tie everything together.

After contemplating a minimalistic provincial Christmas, I realized that trees are still the heart and soul of my home over the festive season. They just add so much love and joy to the room and of course is the hub of where the presents are kept.

So, don’t give up on setting up a tree, add a tree to all of the above! Add a beautiful, wide & lush tree with the most beautiful look that your friends and family will remember it for years to come.

Maison uses a minimal style to highlight the natural beauty of this tree by using not white but a glistening silver. Breaking with the monotony by using different shapes and size decorations to give the tree interest and purpose. But looking at the provincial style it wouldn’t hurt to keep in with your provincial style and add some white ornaments and even some simple bows.

The use of icicle decorations make it feel long and free and the use of crystal-like decorations makes the tree sparkle and shine. Also, a tip from someone who you could say spends the whole year delved into Christmas is to spend a little extra and purchase a pre-lit tree. You will never regret the untangling of lights, forever trying to find the end or having one not working. The effortless pre-lit tree will give your home that next step of class when the lights sparkle and shine through the month of December.

So, I hope after reading this post you have found that less can be more, it can be elegant, bold and soft all at the same time. But the most important part of decorating your home this Christmas is coming up with your style and stamp of individuality. It is about playing with colours and shades, wreaths and garlands and even what type of tree suits you more.

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