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Christmas in Hobart and Tassie

Hobart and Tassie


The coldest most Southern capital of Australia but definitely not one to forget! Hobart and Tasmania boast culture, quaint markets, rolling hills and epic wineries. What more could you want! It is just a short trip by boat or plane from Melbourne or the mainland you will find yourself in a picturesque place that you may not want to leave. The isolation that Hobart has creates its own sense of community and pride and what more could you want if you are hoping to escape the heat this Christmas. 


So let’s see what this southern land has to offer leading up to Christmas, you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Explore – Go for drives, day trips and expeditions to explore the land in which convicts were sent back when settlement began. The vast landscape hosts small town markets, epic seaside wineries and hiking trails that show you the most epic of views! The wineries have Christmas-themed days and local markets bring local produce and gifts that are perfect for your family and friends this Christmas. 
  2. Local Lights and Displays – Of course, you must jump in the car, walk the streets and see all the sights that this city has to offer. Jump onto www. to see the vast range of lights over the local streets. 
  3. Carols by Candlelight – Over the past few years, the carols have had to scale down over COVID so they were held in the epic St Davids Cathedral which is an amazing place for it to be held. Featuring a wide range of artists this is one not to miss!
  4. Wander the heritage streets – Walk the city streets and find the goodies, gifts and lights that make Hobart home to Christmas. 
  5. Food and Culture – Food is a huge part of Hobart and what makes Tassie unique and special. The streets are lined with gourmet food and markets selling the crème de la crème of Hobart's region. You will find incredible seafood, truffles, local jams and meats and many other goodies that you can take back for your family and friends. 
  6. The lighting of the Tree – This giant tree located in Mawson Place represents the start of the festive season and will stay light until the New year. 
  7. Salamanca Markets – The absolute to-do of the city! The Salamanca markets are so fun and the gifts and goodies you find will be in your memories for years to come!
  8. Alive and Musical – The city comes alive over the Christmas season through buskers, music and artists performing and captivating the audience and passers-by. 
  9. Elizabeth Mall – The shops and windows come alive over Christmas with epic windows and decorations from head to tail in all the shops. It’s a nice quiet day to enjoy the city shopping and marvel at the decorations and displays. 
  10. The Hobart Taste Festival – Even though this event is post-Christmas it is still an amazing festival to experience. It goes for a week long at the end of December and into January with every evening having drinks and fresh food and live entertainment. | |

So explore the beautiful Tassie and book a trip to the little Australian Island that has so much culture and experience to offer. 


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