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Christmas in Melbourne



Melbourne is an unpredictable city when it comes to weather, and you never leave the house in summer without an umbrella, jacket or hat. What more could you want on Christmas day than the unknown of what season it will be. Melbourne over December is lit up with lights, and Christmas trees and decked in absolute Christmas luxury when it comes to the famous Myer windows. People flock to see Santa in the city and line up to see the windows on the most well-known street in Victoria. 

From Lego Christmas trees and Santa on with a surfboard to huge displays that consume the city these festivities are of no expense spared and the beautiful city beams Christmas spirit. Everywhere you walk is joyous and alive making this season the most exciting time of the year.

There are so many ways to enjoy Christmas time in Melbourne, let’s see what there is to do. 

  1. Local Lights in Melbourne suburbs – Meander the streets of Melbourne’s most well-known suburbs and even the ones out of town to see some of the most creative and well-thought displays. Jump on to for a careful guide to lights around the local scenes of Melbourne. 
  2. Walk the city at night and enjoy the city of lights – Melbourne’s display of lights is truly spectacular, with a 16-meter light-up tree, the massive light-up Christmas bauble and many other huge decorations you will not be disappointed.
  3. Visit Santa - at the Christmas square or the heart of Christmas in Melbourne for your kids to tell Santa they have been extra nice this year.
  4. Christmas Projections – The city not only lights up in December but truly skilled people project scenes, lights and motion over the city centre. Find your guide to Melbourne projections each year by visiting the information centres. 
  5. The Gingerbread Village – Located at Collins Lane some truly imaginative and creative bakers create the city’s most iconic landmarks all made from gingerbread. 
  6. Carlton Christmas Outdoor Cinema – Every December the iconic outdoor cinema transforms and shows the Christmas classics. Take a stroll down Lygon street, grab a bite to eat then sit back and relax and get into the true spirit of Christmas. 
  7. Santa’s Post Box – Do your kids write a letter to Santa each year? Make it extra special by posting it at the Elizabeth Street GPO or outside the Docklands District for a personalised letter back from the big man himself. Don’t forget to include your name and return address 
  8. Myer Christmas Windows – One thing that needs to become a tradition is checking out the Christmas windows every year. The true craft that has been put into these windows is breathtaking! Take a stroll after you post your letter to Santa and end with some Christmas shopping. 
  9. Carols by Candlelight – One thing to tick off the bucket list is going to see the Carols at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl an experience like none other!

 So now that you have your Melbourne must-haves, it's time to plan your day and take in Christmas in Melbourne!