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50 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Author: Jessica Coe  


Whether you are looking for new Christmas Tree decorating ideas for your own house, or simply enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit, we've curated some of the best Christmas Tree Decoration ideas around for that extra inspiration and to help you get into the festive season this year.

Everyone is different and a Christmas tree is a way to celebrate with a Christmas tree you and your family will love. So enjoy our list below and find out what style are you?

  1. The Traditional
  2. Traditionally Posh
  3. Color Ombre Overlord
  4. Winter Wonderland
  5. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas
  6. The Black Tree
  7. Black & White
  8. Penthouse Princess
  9. Pastel and Pretty
  10. Pink Simplicity
  11. Coastal
  12. Hamptons
  13. Scandi at Heart
  14. The Minimalist
  15. The Glamour Queen
  16. LUXE
  17. English at heart
  18. Diamonds & Jewels
  19. Spring Garden
  20. Enchanted Golds
  21. Fit for Kings & Queens
  22. Silver Magic
  23. The Blue Spruce
  24. I’m dreaming of a blue Christmas
  25. Organised Chaos
  26. Country Cousins
  27. Christmas Village
  28. Luxe White
  29. Candy Cane Magic
  30. Deep Sea Inspired
  31. Scottish Heritage
  32. Southern Lifestyle
  33. Blue Hydrangeas
  34. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  35. Harry Potter
  36. Golden Magic
  37. Ribbons and flowers
  38. Every girls dream
  39. Simple Tradition
  40. Christmas Cheer
  41. Purple Overload
  42. Ice magic
  43. French Country Cottage
  44. Multi-Colour Magic
  45. As sweet as candy
  46. Natural Wonder
  47. Mad Hatters Tea Party
  48. Like Thin Air
  49. True Blue
  50. Simple Scandi


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 1. Traditional and Classic

There is no swaying you, Red and Gold is your mantra and your house is immaculate with style and tradition.  Bringing all of the favorites to your Christmas from red and gold bonbons to the full roast dinner with all the trimmings. 

Your green traditional tree has red and gold baubles, gold beading, special decorations you have collected over the years with a beautiful gold Angel or Star for the top of your tree. 

 Pair this with a matching garland and some warm white fairy lights and you are the envy of all your friends and family. 



 2. Traditionally Posh

You love tradition but you are a trend setter!
Gold and red is a little too much for you and you love your home crisp and white. 

Red and white are your colours, you love a spray of berries and decorative pieces. Your wreath and garlands match and your gift wrapping are colour coordinated. 

Fill your Green tree with red and white baubles, add some different shapes and sizes and pair with red berry picks to capture Christmas.



 3. Colour Ombre Overload

You are the QUEEN of Christmas, no theme left unturned. 
You dazzle your friends and family every year with a different theme but never traditional, always a standout from the rest. 

Your vibe is strong and fun, with your tree overly thought out without anyone realizing. You have been planning this since last Christmas. 

Your green tree is a colour shift from top to bottom overly decorated.
With warm white fairy lights and a gold star on top you start with red baubles and finish with yellow. Adding a few special decorations on the way up and ribbon instead of tinsel your tree is something special


 4. Winter Wonderland

It is almost like a touch of heaven. Soft and gentle tones make your home whimsical and enchanted this Christmas. 

Your Flocked Tree has touches of white and silver with warm white lights to set the mood of gift giving and excitement. 

Silver and white baubles in all shapes and sizes, matched with your silver and white presents underneath the tree is the simplest way to highlight this glamorous tree. 

Finish your tree with a heavenly angel in pearl white and silver.

 5. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Minimalist? This is the tree for you!!
This tree is beautiful if you take the time to decorate or not. 

You love different but like to play it safe. The White Bavarian from Amazing Christmas is the perfect shape. 

Your feeling subtle? Decorate with Silver and Champagne baubles and even add some decorative white jeweled to really make your tree magical. 

Feeling colour? Maybe think pastels or for a bold approach hit it with some rainbow colour. 
In between? Try Royal blue and silver. You really can’t go wrong with a white tree!!

 6. The Black Tree

 You scream elegance in a BOLD way!
 Edgy if you must!! 
 You want to be seen and you love monochromatic features throughout your house. 

 Your gift-wrapping features black, silver and a pop of gold, you are a statement diva!!

 Make your black tree POP with white, gold and black baubles. 
 Add some warm white fairy lights and a Silver tree topper star and you will be the coolest kid on the block. 

 7. Black and White

You are Black & White, you are monochrome to the bone, your home is black and white all over and you are the channel of all your friends. 

Your tree is black pre-light tree, your decorations are selective with only high-end decorative glass baubles in silver. 
You choose snowflakes and pinecones as your ornaments, your tree has a ribbon detail that sets it apart from the rest. 

You wrap your presents the same in silver and white so they blend in with your décor and style. 
For something a bit different try this colour scheme on a green tree and a softer feel. 

 8. Penthouse Princess

You are a Penthouse Princess! Your style is immaculately planned and your house has monochromatic tones. 
You are a monogram Queen and nothing is to much for your style and wardrobe. 

Your tree is plastered in decorations and glamour, presents under the tree are only luxury and value. 

Your tree is black and accentuated with big silver bows. 
Your decorations are white, silver and champagne with accents of snowflakes and pinecones throughout. 

There is no changing your style, you are a luxurious queen!

 9. Pastel Pretty

You love colour! You love anything pretty and you are a candy QUEEN!

This tree sings to you as you decorate and add the final touches. Your individuality and beautiful home resonates together without hesitation!

Feeling extra pink and sassy? Bring to life on a white tree with extra pinks and purples.

Feeling like you need to tone down your crazy extravagance? Use a flocked tree with less baubles, with an added touch of white. 

Feeling bold? Try a black tree or even green for an in between feel. This colour scheme works on any tree and is perfect for any extra added touches of candy and ribbons. 

 10. Coastal

You’re a surfy soul, as relaxes as they come. With the go with the flow attitude you stick to a simple tree. 

A green tree with sky blue and silver baubles paired with your own personal touches of starfish ornaments your tree comes to coastal life. 

Turquoise and champagne highlight the natural beauty when the warm white lights sparkle. 

Your presents are gift wrapped in blues and silvers with your Christmas lunch full of seafood and prawns.

 11. Pink Simplicity

You’re a surfy soul, as relaxes as they come. With the go with the flow attitude you stick to a simple tree. 

A green tree with sky blue and silver baubles paired with your own personal touches of starfish ornaments your tree comes to coastal life. 

Turquoise and champagne highlight the natural beauty when the warm white lights sparkle. 

Your presents are gift wrapped in blues and silvers with your Christmas lunch full of seafood and prawns.

 12. Hamptons

One word.. HAMPTONS.. crisp white with a pop of blue sets your vibe this Christmas. You are a little bit of a perfectionist but your tree thanks you for it!

You are the talk of the town with a magnificent tree full of luxury and style. Your tree is either flocked or green and every ornament is carefully placed creating perfect imperfections. 

Navy blue, silver, gold and a hint of copper brings your living room to life as your matching furniture and gift wrapping coordinated beautifully. 

 13. Scandi at Heart

The Scandi tree!! You are Swedish at heart, you love Ikea and you love to live the simple life. 

Your green traditional tree is all you need featured in your room with simple brown packaging and twine for your presents. 

You use warm white fairy lights as your base, accenting with white stars, pinecones and the cherry on top your wooden Scandinavian decorations. 

This is all you need each year, with the thought of changing your colour scheme but quickly deciding you have perfection already. 

 14. The Minimalist

You leave no corner uncleaned. Your house is immaculate and the cool tones of pale grey and white flow through your house 

Your tree is a traditional pre-light green tree featuring the smallest amount of special white decorative balls. 
That is all you need in your home and on your tree. 

The basket gives a neat feel and your presents are wrapped in White and black with a simple bow. 

There is no swaying you, this is your vibe and it is who you are.

 15. The Glamour Queen 

You run this town! You have the bags and the shoes to show it. 
You are a style icon and love fur and feathers. 

Your house is STYLED! Your tree is truly amazing and the presents even more spectacular, with brands dripping from the eves.

Hints of soft pink and fur around the tree turns up the Glitz and Glamour. 

You stick with a traditional green tree, but accent with white, burgundy and champagne baubles. Warm white fairy lights and white feathers give it the step above the rest. 

 16. LUXE

You are fit for Kings and Queens. Your house is bold and gold accents every corner. Navy blue velvet hangs from the ceiling and there is no limit on gifts. Your Christmas starts with fluffy slippers and dressing gowns but precious manicured nails.   

Your tree is always traditional green, a gold tree skirt elevates the tree into pure opulence. You choose baubles that sing regal and elegance in a fun way but non traditional way. They are hot pink, navy blue, gold, dark green & dark purple. 

Velvet ribbon lets your guests know you are the epitome of luxe. With gold finials and decorative elements highlighting the tree. This is the LUXE of Christmas. 

 17. English At Heart

You are English at heart, you love everything London and you love it when your friends compliment your classic style. 

Your traditional green tree is pre-light featuring a big gold star on top. You don’t let anyone help you decorate and you like things in place, with a nutcracker or two beside your tree. 

Baubles are Royal blue and red with a hint of gold. You make sure you have some glitter to make the tree dazzle your guests along with some decorative baubles. 

Your presents are colour coordinated wrapped in a hint of tartan and a blue bow. Your house is immaculate as always and your tree is a welcoming addition to December. 

 18. Diamonds & Jewels

You are pure Royalty, diamonds & jewels dripping from the eves! 
You are a true princess with nothing too expensive for you. 

Your home is fit for a queen nothing out of place but all the diamonds to show.  Your motto is “only the best for the best”

Your tree is only traditional green and your decorations are diamonds and crystals only with a large diamond starburst on the top. Your tree is simple but elegant and it is a true representation of your personality and style. 

 19. Spring Garden

You are exquisite, a breath of fresh air and of course your home is immaculate with floating waterfall curtains and fresh white walls. 

Your tree is a subtle green with natural fir tips. You don’t need many decorations to finish this tree but your eye knows when is enough. 

You accent the tree with large floral details in cream & soft pink, some decoctive twigs.

You use soft pink and champagne baubles, with a gold wire star on top and your special touch are two birds circling the tree. 

 20. Enchanted Golds

You are fun but enchanted. Your style is playful but sophisticated. Your home is whimsical with fun photos, laughter and joy. 

Your tree is a traditional green with full tips and pre light warm white and you choose the widest tree to fill the space perfectly.

You don’t need many decorations, but you do choose different and decorative ones. The butterflies and dragonflies make your tree come to life. You pair with white, champagne and gold baubles and add a gold leaf garland to make your tree sparkle!

Your home comes to life over Christmas and your tree brings all the laughter and joy. 

 21. Fit for Kings & Queens

True elegance and style is your name and creating beautiful spaces is your game. 

Your home is filled with fresh whites with gold details. Nothing is to Luxe for you. Your tree is a frosted green tree with a realistic edge to it. 

Your decorations include big cream flowers with ribbons to match, champagne baubles with a touch of soft pink.

You have whites and golds under your tree and everything ties in with your beautifully styled house.  

 22. Silver Magic

You are pure sparkle and shine. Nothing says your personality more than glitz and glamour. 

You like a simple life with something extra special. Something that always brightens your day and sets you apart from the rest. 

You choose a bold tree – Silver and Shiny. You dress it in cool white fairy lights and very simple array of baubles. 

You use whites and highlight with cool blues. Your decorations are something else, only extra special glass baubles. 
Your tree fits perfectly in your home and brings the most Christmas cheer to your family every year. 

 23. The Blue Spruce

Your style is rustic but different and your always using muted tones around your home. You love the barn feel and how cozy Christmas can feel under the tree with your family. 

You choose a blue spruce – a tree that has blue undertones – 
You pair with soft champagne baubles and navy blue. 

You highlight your style with big star motifs and navy blue presents under the tree. 

You truly capture the warmth and joy each Christmas. 

 24. I’m dreaming of a Blue Christmas

You are something else! Your style is eclectic and your personality is vibrant and fun! You are the life of the party and you always dress to impress. 

You have a navy-blue tree, not something your friends would choose, but you make it work. 
You choose an ombre tree gradually starting with blue baubles and finishing with yellow / gold. 

Your tree sparkles with warm white fairy lights and makes your home extra special this Christmas. 

You love Christmas but aren’t one for tradition. Your tree is the talk of the town and you always find a fun theme. 

 25. Organised Chaos

Your home is chaotic! You have kids running loose around the house with toys and laugher everywhere!

Your tree is a lush green pre-light tree. 

You can’t say no to the kid’s decorations they make at school each year and your heart sings when they help you place the decorations on the tree each year. 

Your home is warm and inviting, you don’t mind saying mind the mess and shoving toys away. 

 26. Country Cousins

You are a true Christmas enthusiast, but also very rustic. 
Your style is imperfect but fun and the kids love choosing the decorations that make your tree. 

You have a simple pre-light green tree, nothing too fancy as you fill it with decorations and toys. 

You start with your Christmas stuffed toys, adding tartan ribbon to give a pop of colour, then placing your hand-picked rustic decorations onto the tree and finishing it off with sprigs of holly. Your home is so warm and inviting and the kids love the excitement of every year's toys they find on the tree. 

 27. Christmas Village

You are a classic at heart, everything in your home is vintage or handed down through generations, you have your china cabinet on display with only your most special pieces front and center and your tree is no different. 

Your tree is a shelf for your Christmas villages, edged with a green garland with warm white fairy lights. 

You are a collector, a true Christmas enthusiast. You travel around the world bringing home different pieces to add to your tree.  

Your style is unique and true to who you are. 

 28. Luxe White 

Your home is something out of a fairy tale, your entrance, door and staircase filled with immaculate decorations and beautiful style your home comes to life over the festive season. 

You choose a big tree to fill a space, green with fairy lights to really add sparkle to your home. 

Your decorations are carefully chosen with big flowers, ribbon and baubles overly decorated in champagne, white and silver tones.

You like to dazzle your guests and leave no space undecorated.
You love to entertain!

 29. Candy Cane magic

You are fun, enthusiastic and all about the Christmas cheer!
You only think about the children over Christmas and always go above and beyond. 

You leave half eaten cookies on the mantle and reindeer droppings on the grass. Your tree is not big, but it has enough joy and fun for the whole neighborhood. 

You choose a frosted green tree, a respectable size of 180cm and decorate it with red and white candy canes, white snowflakes and spirals to give a fun element. 

You turn your nose up at traditional and classic and choose fun every time. 

 30. Deep Sea Inspiration

Your home is something else, you aren’t traditional but your home screams whites with carefully placed pops of colour though art and ornaments you collect on your many overseas trips. 

You choose a muted green tree, nothing too traditional with warm white fairy lights. You are always checking out pintrest to get new ideas on colours and style, with each year bringing something different to the tree. 

This year you pair golds with silver and highlight with teal. This is the perfect combination. Striped ribbon and netting really gives your tree the next level of wow factor. 

 31. Scottish Heritage

You are true Scottish, meant for the great highlands!
You are classic, traditional and nothing but a queen of the north. Your style is a different kind of tradition that captures your home of dark colours and tartan accents.You are strict and a stickler for the rules, not one plate is ever out of place. 

Your tree is traditional green every year, you don’t have time for alternate fashions and trends. You use steel blue baubles with a soft touch of muted green. You highlight your tree with 
Wide tartan ribbon and finish with twigs that look like they are straight from the Scottish Highlands. 

Your style is impeccably sensible and your home loves you for it. 

 32. Southern Lifestyle

You are a Southern Bell, nothing is sweeter than you. Your soft personality touches your home with muted colours and soft accents. You have oak floorboards and a big open fireplace that warms you to the bone. 

Your tree is beautiful but different, a theme that only you would choose. You place your soft green tree next to the fireplace and start with your ribbon details of smokey blue and touches of tartan. You add only the most special of baubles in smokey blue and cream tones and a mere mist of silver. 

You add birds that seem to sing their way onto the tree with jeweled snowflakes and finish with sprigs of dried twigs that look like they belong with the deer of the forest. 

 33. Blue Hydrangeas

Your young at heart and an absolute garden enthusiast. You always have fresh flowers all around your home picked straight from the garden.

You have the sweetest floral smelling perfume and your clothes are dry cleaned and pressed ready for the next wear. 

You tree is a dark traditional green, pre-light and laced with cream and ivory ribbons. You detail with soft blue baubles, gold feathers and the most beautiful big flowers and blue hydrangeas. 

Your family knows that Chritsmas is your time to shine and the tree is just as immaculate and beautiful as you are.

 34. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

You are brand conscious, style queen and nothing but quality is your motto. Your home is minimal and your jewelry is only Tiffany’s. Your toaster and kettle match and your kitchen is immaculate with only approved colours aloud to feature. 

Your tree is traditional green, and you decorate with tiffany blue baubles and pearl. You use white ribbons to make it feel like it is straight from New York with pearl beading sweeping down the tree. Your presents are Tiffany's inspired and nothing steps out of place. Your friends think you're up-tight, highly strung but you know that that is what comes with your immaculate style and taste. 

 35. Harry Potter

You easily get swept up in long novels, of magic and dreams, your favorite pastime is binge watching Harry Potter movies and getting trapped in the magic. 

Your home features harry potter mugs, bookshelves that never end and posters that show your true Gryffindor allegiance.  

Your tree is muted green, you carefully plan your tree with special decorations collected from your trips to London. Your baubles are burgundy and gold, with newspapers, 9 and ¾ badges and a mystical white owl on top.

You always theme your present wrapping and to finish your tree you add the Hogwarts express looping around the bottom of the tree. 

 36. Golden Magic

You are classic, you are celebrity worthy, your Instagram is always 100% and you live your life of drama and game. 

Your walls are white with hints of black accenting your home, the channel box is your inspiration for life and your family keep in line. 

Your tree is the most expensive green, pre-light. Your decorations are mainly gold with hints of red, with leaves and golden twigs adding contrast and feeling to your tree.

Your presents are wrapped in gold and silver, neatly finished with a white bow. 

 37. Ribbons and Flowers

You are straight 180, not one thing lies out of place in your home. 
You don’t have the white cabinets and stone benchtops but instead your house is just as you built it with your unique style. 

The wood tones in your home highlight your traditional green tree perfectly with warm white fairy lights. You perfectly place the blue organza ribbon in a lattice effect framing your tree at perfect angles. 
You place champagne baubles throughout the tree and finish with big blue poinsettias. 

Your home is simple over Christmas but your tree says it all and that’s all you need. The joy over Christmas is welcomed in your home.

 38. Every Girls Dream

Your home is from a fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. 

Your house is filled with girls who love all things Christmas and pretty things. You have pink curtains and every room is filled with pure joy and happiness. 

You choose the biggest tree, with no expense spared and filled with multi-colour lights that make the tree absolutely POP with colour and feeling.

You fill your tree with all the decorations you and your girls have collected from Disneyland, gift shops, family holidays that all mean something to you. 

Your home comes alive and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year when the laughter echoes down the hall each December. 

 39. Simple Tradition

You are the heart of the city, not compromising space for style living in an apartment in the CBD. Your small lounge room doesn’t defer you from the spirit of Christmas or tradition that comes hand in hand. 

You have limited space so you choose a sparse narrow traditional green tree. You go all out with refrain and respect for your tree, choosing only red and gold baubles but in all shapes and sizes. You lace the tree in gold beading to give it a true LUXE feel and finish with a big gold star tree topper.

Just because you have to fit the tree carefully into your apartment doesn’t mean you skimp on Christmas spirit. 

 40. Christmas Cheer​

You love the magic of Christmas, the laughter of the children and the decorations they bring home from school. You don’t mind colour and you go with the flow. 

Your home is neat but busy and you display all the artwork on the walls from Kindy – year 12. You love your family and the warmth that Christmas brings. 

Your tree is a green pre-light featuring gold tinsel and multicolor baubles. You display your favorite Christmas ornaments the kids make at school and there are presents stacked high under the tree each year. 

You bring the Christmas cheer and your home is nothing but laugher and Christmas carols. 

41. Purple Overload

You’re a purple queen, bold outspoken and not afraid to own your style. Your house is a mess but you take pride in it being yours. 

Your hair is always in a messy bun or uncombed and your kids rule the house. But you love the chaos, you love the drama and you love a good glass of wine at the end of the day. 

Your tree is a dark green or black if you're feeling edgy. It is over decorated in purple baubles of all different shades. 

You highlight with purple ribbon and your wrapping paper is colour coordinated. 
This is your mantra and style and there is no changing you!

 42. Ice Magic

You are an Ice Queen, a winter wonderland babe!

Nothing is too much for you and you love a bit of faux fur and fluffy beanies. 

You choose a flocked tree and swap the tinsel for a white feather boa. You choose white baubles with a hint of baby blue. Details of birds hide in your tree and silver picks bring it to life. 

Your home is immaculate, with white walls and waterfall curtains and light pouring in it catches the tree and turns your palace into something else over Christmas. 

 43. French Country Cottage

You are a Parisian dream, French provincial if you must. You love style, elegance and the crisp look of fresh linen. But your heart is country which doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. 

Your style is as soft as a feather and slightly minimal. You choose a soft green tree which beauty shines through every tip. 
You don’t need many decorations on this tree, as the warm white fairy lights glimmer. You choose silver and soft champagne tones and that’s all you place on your tree. 

Your home invites the tree in as it was meant to be there all year around next to the window. Your presents are simply wrapped in linen and crisp white boxes.

 44. Multi-Colour Magic 

Your bubbly personality sings through the rafters in your home. You have a white kitchen with marble bench tops and oak floors. You love everything in its place and only deck your house out with quality and style. 

You choose a pretty expensive tree in traditional green with  realistic looking branches. You choose colours that only you could pull off with hints of forest green, teal, hot pink, purple and gold in all different shapes and sizes. You finish off your tree with jeweled snowflakes to make your tree glimmer with sprigs of coloured leaves. You add a statement gold tree collar to hide the stand. 

Your tree is  always complimented and people marvel at your colour combinations.

 45. As Sweet As Candy

Oh you are the sweetest thing ever! Your friends know you for your Polly Pocket style with pretty pink frocks and frilly socks. Your home is something out of a little girl's dream with matching cotton candy pink Smeg appliances and the most organized baking cupboard you have ever seen!

You live a perfect life with a perfect family and you are proud to show it off just like your tree! You choose a soft green tree – as you over decorate you won’t see much anyway – and choose candy themed decorations. From Lollipops to candy wrappers and elves climbing all over the tree to give it that added touch! 

You love Christmas baking and treats looking forward to it all year round. 

 46. Natural Wonder

You're all about the dried fruits and health food shops. Your morning walks end with soy lattes at your favorite café where they know you by name. Back at home your living room is warmer tones where the love and joy in your family fills your home over the Christmas season.  

Your tree is traditional green and your DIY all your decorations and table settings. You start with dried oranges, which alludes back to the early days of Christmas decorations. 

You add dried wild flowers and roses that you have collected over the year which make your tree so inviting!

You friends know you as the sweet healthy chick but absolutely love your style!

 47. Mad Hatters Tea Party

You lose it over Christmas with your creativity and quirky style coming to life! You always have to be better than besties with planning going on throughout the year. 

Your home is colourful and cheery and you don’t mind if your bed is unmade or the lounge room is a mess, but your tree is perfect!

You choose an unconventional upside down green tree and decorate with different shape baubles in lime green, sky blue, hot pink and purple.

Your tree is a vision!!

 48. Like Thin Air 

Oh you are creative! One of a kind, and so left of tradition it's not funny! Your mum shakes her head but always marvels at your quirky ideas and fabulous decorations. 

A tree is too straight 180 for you! Instead you make your own and oh do you pull it off!! You use a fishing line and suspend your choice of bauble colours from the roof at different lengths to make an illusion of a tree. 

You create a spacious feel of your impeccable home, where everything is white, overly clean and nothing steps out of place!

Your friends are always over on the 1st December to check out what you have come up with this year and boy do you amaze them each and every year.

 49. True Blue

You are True Blue, as Aussie as they come. “She’ll be right” is sometimes the only phrase in your vocabulary. 

The miss wants a tree so you make do with the leftover palled you have in the shed. A few fairy lights and star fish from the beach and you're done.She adds the last touches with a hessian tree skirt and your favorite leopard print Santa hat on top. 

Your presents go with the flow and are wrapped in the leftover paper from last year, no guarantee it's Christmas themed. 

Your home goes with the flow and you live each day with no regrets, you love the laid back Christmas at the beach and the laughter of the kids is all you need. 

 50. Simple Scandi

You are a true Ikea minimalist; your home is filled with Swedish furniture and light wooden tones. You have faux fur throws and muted linen pillows throughout your house.

Your home is neat and styled but has so much feeling and style. 

You love the minimalist look and always are searching IKEA trends to keep your style valid. You get creative and head down to Bunnings to make a tree out of dowel. 

You carefully place your gold and floral pink decorations in all different shapes and sizes on the tree and sit back and marvel at your handy work. 







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